Linq/High Roller

You all have seen the HIGH ROLLER in Vegas but have you seen the Linq Promenade and the recently renovated Linq Hotel? Cheaply priced but in the middle of all the activities The Strip has to offer. linq-outside-from-strip

The locals might still call it the Imperial Palace but Caesar’s Group has completely renovated the place. The rooms are nicely priced but be warned the rooms are on the smaller side and if you don’t get a Strip View you could be looking into the wall of Harrah’s as the case was for my room. The highlight for me was the bar located in the middle of the casino. Catalyst Bar had the contemporary feel which attracted some hot and sexy folks at happy hour. If you are more into the Nostalgic of the Ole Days then O’Sheas Casino pays respects to the heritage of the building wimg_4240ith low entry gambling that helps draw the younger crowds. If there was a doubt they want the younger business then that was eliminated with the 5 beer pong tables located inside. The Linq is located between Harrah’s and the Flamingo.

The Linq even has brand new Deluxe Poolside Cabana rooms that provide private patios with direct access to The LINQ’s pool. This should help some of you that have too many and struggle to make it back to your rooms.

img_4241High Roller

The enormous Ferris wheel is over 500 feet tall which makes it taller than both the London Eye and Singapore Flyer. Facing parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard, the wheel takes 30 minutes to complete one full revolution and features 28 glass-enclosed cabins with broad views of Las Vegas and the Strip. Be on the lookout for specials as you can spend almost $50 bucks a person for drinks in a 30 minute span. Just don’t get as frisky as this couple cause a police report doesn’t stay in Vegas. img_4269

Linq Promenade

Right off of the Strip you can step away from the wall-to-wall people and hit up the over 40 shops and restaurants. As you can see below in my pictures, I can spend some money in a hurry here. If you decided that old swimming suit you brought along just won’t cut it then stop by the Pier 30 shop to upgrade. I also found a place for my sweet tooth with SPRINKLES. Hint Hint: Chocolate is the quickest way to my heart.

Brooklyn Bowl

I was shocked to find out a bowling alley right off the Strip with 32 lanes of bowling, live musical acts and some great food. I love people watching so the upstairs of Brooklyn’s was great even including outdoor patio seeing all the shops of the Promenade. The place has 6 bars to wet your beak so there is no wait for you to grab a cold drink. The place is enormous with over 80,000 square feet.


When you leave the Linq at the Main Doors and head north you will notice the rocking music and see the flocks of people heading to Carnaval Court attached to Harrah’s. One of the best reviewed bars in Vegas on Yelp. i was there for a great 80’s cover band that had everyone out of their seat and singing along. The drinks were very nicely priced and remember this place when you want to drink outside without standing in the long lines.

One thought on “Linq/High Roller

  1. Big fan of Brooklyn Bowl. In fact was just there the other night to see an AC/DC tribute band. Posted a picture on my Twitter of me and that amazing giant disco ball. Anyway, I like that joint.
    What they have done with Linq Promenade is a heck of a lot better than what was there, that is for sure.
    So, chocolate eh? Did I tell you I am a pastry cook by trade?😉

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